Learner’s Licence

Obtain or renew your learner’s licence?

Phase 1

Prerequisite for a learner’s licence

Phase 2

Guided driving

Phase 3

Semi-guided driving

Phase 4

Semi-guided to independent driving
  1.            The vehicle
  2.             The driver
  3.             The environment
  4.             At-risk behaviours
  5.              Evaluation
  1.     Accompanied driving

    In-car session 1

    In-car session 2

  2.     OEA strategy

                 In-car session 3

                 In-car session 4

  1.    Speed

    In-car session 5

    In-car session 6

  2.      Sharing the road

    In-car session 7

    In-car session 8

  3.       Alcohol, drugs

    In-car session 9

    In-car session 10

  1. Fatigue, distraction

    In-car session 11

    In-car session 12

  2.    Eco-driving

    In-car session 13

    In-car session 14

  3. In-car session 15-Synthesis


Here are the steps to obtain the learner’s licence

  1. Register at the Drive & Go driving school nearest you.
  2. Begin phase 1 of your training which includes: 5 sessions of 2 hours of theory (10 hours) in our classroom for a period of 4 – 5 weeks (28 days minimum) to be aware of the road and its dangers.
  3. Take and pass your theoretical exam, which includes 30 questions
  4. We will issue you a certificate with the mention “Success”
  5. Go to the SAAQ to do a visual examination before you can get for your learner’s licence.

  1. Passport or birth certificate issued by civil status
  2. Passport or birth certificate issued by civil status
  3. Written parental consent (only if you are a minor)
  4. The driving school certificate with the mention “Success”
  5. Payment for your license. See the costs

You must be at least 16 years old.

The learner's licence will be valid for a period of 18 months and may be renewed.

You must be accompanied by a person who has had a Class 5 license for at least 2 years.

ZERO Tolerance for alcohol and drugs while driving must be respected.

You must have 4 aptitude points during these 18 months, if you lose them all, you will be withdrawn from your licence.

With this learner's licence you will only be able to drive in the province of Quebec.