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Knowing how to drive is an indispensable skill nowadays, to travel to your workplace, to go on holiday, to visit family, friends....

We must not forget that driving is a privilege and not a right that must be respected by adopting professional driving in accordance with safety instructions on the road .

  • Courtesy behind the wheel
  • Impeccable concentration
  • Have a vehicle in top shape
  • Resect the speed
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Best driving tips

We are here to give you the best tips and tricks to be a professional driver

You must be sober and rested
Know where you are going and plan your trip
If necessary, consult resources such as 511
Check carefully if you are in possession of your vehicle's registrations
Go around to check if your vehicle has not suffered aesthetic and/or safety damage (Ex. under inflated tire)
Don't forget to put your phone in driving mode
Check that everyone is tied up.
Check that you are still in good driving condition (not tired)
Avoid distractions and focus on the road
Check your speed
Think "Security"